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Message from the Director

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Dear participants in the livestock sector in Benin,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our sub-sector can not develop without a qualitative and quantitative contribution of each of us in a process of continuous improvement. This, the Veto Services Group (GVS) is fully conscious and wants to play with the commitment that is his role through its activities in close collaboration with all users and all others not to say its suppliers, customers and all stakeholders concerned with the harmonious and sustainable development in the livestock sector.

This is what justifies our continuing quest for performance and satisfaction of those who use our products and services. As you know, we operate in a delicate area as sensitive as contributing to benefit and contribute to food security of our country and its people. It is a job that requires the - beyond commercial considerations, many technical, competence, innovation and information.

To enable industrious and hardworking farmers and actors of different livestock products provide quality and healthy food for our people, we must also provide their input and tailored services. This is a concern of all time for the Veto Services Group, which is engaged in the production and distribution of animal feed, import and wholesale distribution of veterinary drugs and livestock inputs and services to accompaniment.

Stakeholders in the chain of activities of Veto Group services are many and varied, it will then give them regular information, just good information and real-time and quickly. It will also have a feedback from the beneficiaries of our products and services for the purpose of improving and increasing our performance. This is more than necessary and the only effective way to achieve this is the use of ICT.

Dear participants in the livestock sector,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You understand I’m sure the opportunity of the launch of this website in our society, your society. For all the reasons mentioned above that it was crucial to establish this modern tool of information and communication. You will discover quite regularly in the news in the livestock sector, all information relating to products and services Veto Services Group, varied and useful information as well as a crucible to receive your criticisms and suggestions.

I thank the web master who designed and created this site, all the staff of Veto Services Group, various external partners, suppliers and customers and all those who have contributed directly or indirectly to the development of this valuable tool communication. I appeal to one and all to make it very lively and fully utilized, because the aim is not only the visibility of the Group, but also and especially the contribution to animal productions.

Vive Agriculture Benin,

Live in the livestock sector in Benin

Long live the Vet Services Group

Thank you.

[ Virus of Lassa fever ]

To reduce the risks of contamination of the virus of Lassa fever, we limit the physical contacts with our users. As a result, we abstain ourselves from shaking hands and from giving kisses to every person by way of greeting.

Besides, we invite you to wash your hands regularly, to avoid consuming bush animals like the rat or food contaminated by this animal, to protect and cook correctly your foods and to avoid any physical contact with every person susceptible to carry the virus.

In case of suspect fever, we exhort you to move closer to the nearest health center for medical care.

Already, we crave your indulgence and we apologize for the inconveniences this might cause you.


On All Saints’Day, Thursday 1st November 2018, we will not opened.

As a result, we plead that you bear it in mind.

We wish our lovely customers happy celebration.