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Food production

Our food production

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Foods poultry sold Veto Group Services are local that is to say made ​​on the site of production of said group Dangbodji. They are packed in 40kg bags and are produced with raw materials such as: corn, rice bran, soy beans, cottonseed cake and palm kernel, etc..

These are:

  • Feed Chicks Crumbs
  • Feed Chicks Growth Chair
  • Feed Chicks Growth Ponte
  • Feed chicks growth egg I
  • Feed chicks growth spawning II
  • Feed Pullet I
  • Feed Pullet II
  • Feed Laying 90%.

These foods are for poultry for egg production.


Rabbits are also food products on the site Dangbodji (Zinvié). The granules are produced with raw materials such as: corn, rice bran, soy beans, cottonseed cake and palm kernel, etc., as a particular and packaged in bags of 40kg process.

These are:

  • Young rabbits Feed + Mother
  • Feed Rabbit Feeder

These foods are respectively for breeding rabbits and small rabbits and fattened for meat.


Like other food categories, livestock food products are also on site Dangbodji (Zinvié). They are powder food products with raw materials such as corn, rice bran, soy beans, cottonseed cake and palm kernel, etc.. They are packed in bags of 40kg and for the cattle to produce milk and meat.

These are:

  • Ruminant Feed Milk
  • Ruminant Feed milk + meat
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[ Virus of Lassa fever ]

To reduce the risks of contamination of the virus of Lassa fever, we limit the physical contacts with our users. As a result, we abstain ourselves from shaking hands and from giving kisses to every person by way of greeting.

Besides, we invite you to wash your hands regularly, to avoid consuming bush animals like the rat or food contaminated by this animal, to protect and cook correctly your foods and to avoid any physical contact with every person susceptible to carry the virus.

In case of suspect fever, we exhort you to move closer to the nearest health center for medical care.

Already, we crave your indulgence and we apologize for the inconveniences this might cause you.


It has come to us that malicious people come to our customers on behalf of our company to offer them our services.

We are here to inform you that we are not behind these fraudulent initiatives.

Apart from our sales representatives to whom you are already accustomed, no one else is entitled to offer you services on behalf of GROUPE VETO SERVICES S.A.

We therefore invite you to be vigilant and ask you to call the telephone numbers of our sales representatives or 00229 21 38 32 36 in case of suspicious contact. If so, please inform the police immediately.

In any case, we decline any responsibility in the event of scamming of a customer who has not been vigilant.


We would like to inform our customers that henceforth, our head office will be opened on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 1 pm.

This amendment is effective as from Saturday, November 30th, 2019.

Therefore, we ask you to take this into consideration and thank you for your understanding.


On Worker’s Day, Friday, 1st May 2020, we will not be opened.

As a result, we plead that you bear in mind.

We wish our lovely customers a happy Worker’s day.


We would like to inform our customers that Thursday, May 21st, 2020 is the Ascension Day. Also, Monday June 1st, 2020 is Pentecost Monday.

Therefore, we will not be opened on these days and ask you to take note of it.

We wish you an excellent celebration of Ascension and Pentecost days in peace and joy.